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RDIT 1.0

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RDIT Publisher's description:

from AgriMetSoft

Assessment and Monitoring Drought
Meteorological droughts, which is caused by a decit in precipitation with respect to the climatological average for a given period and region. To measuring the value of drought, we need a useful tool. Therefore, to quantitative analysis of drought characteristics and of research works on impact of climate change on droughts, we should monitor and assess the value of drought indices. Drought indices are often used for detecting the early onset and end of droughts. Meteorological drought indices are useful tools for indicating the amount of drought changes in different time scale. Therefore, it is essential that the users can easily calculate
these indices through a software. The RDIT software application can perform and run the eight rain-based drought indices in a user-friendly tool. By plotting various graphs, this software can help to the users for better interpreting the results.
What Is Severity Of Drought?
To advance the understanding of monitoring and investigating droughts in the past, it is crucial to assess drought frequency and severity. Each drought is defined in drought duration, drought severity, and drought interval. The onset, the end, and the severity of the drought are important features of drought monitoring.
If the user wants to indicate the value of severity, actually it is not an easy process. It is so important when the user wants to analyze the severity of drought. In RDIT software, the user can easily calculate and plot the amount of severity.

System Requirements:

No special requirements.

Program Release Status: New Release
Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall

RDIT Version History:

RDIT 1.0 added on: 01-01-2017 - actual version

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